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An in-depth brand diagnostic is an essential basis for strategic brand positioning and marketing strategy.

Our methodology centered around qualitative studies allows to gain a deep understanding of your market and your clients, it explores their perceptions, behaviours and expectations to uncover deep motivations and frustrations at the source of powerful insights.


Online and offline analysis including benchmarking and best practices

The aim is to better understand the world in which your brand evolves, as well as the positioning of your  brand vs. competition.

Deux femmes interrogées


Individual interviews, Focus Groups and Ethnographic observations

Perception ScanTM is our methodology to generate strong insights based on customers and prospects’ perceptions.


Kick-off workshop, interviews

For complex projects, bringing together and aligning multiple stakeholders on their issues and expectations can be key to the success of a project.

By the way, what is an insight? It is the expression of the sometimes unconscious motivations and frustrations that drive our actions