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Without meaning, brands don’t exist: they are merely commodities. The strongest brands are the ones that stand out.

It starts with articulating a clear and differentiating brand positioning. That’s why our strategic tools integrate: Vision, Mission, Values and Personality.


The Brand Wheel is a summary of the brand’s DNA. It is structured around the Brand Mission, which helps to focus on its purpose. It also brings together the necessary and differentiating criteria that support its mission.


Complementary to the Brand Wheel, the Brand House defines the brand identity around its Mission and integrates:

The Vision that gives direction and ambition to the marketing strategy
The Brand commitments, its key values
The Brand Personality: Based on the 12 archetypes of C. Jung.


Including preparation,  animations and deliverables, these workshops are customisable according to your strategic objectives: Brand Wheel, Brand House, Communication, Innovation etc.

The common principle: to carry out a strategic collective work taking into account the expertise, experiences and points of view of each one.